How To Identify Your Perfect Aircraft Sale Or Charter Customer

How To Identify Your Perfect Aircraft Sale Or Charter Customer

We’ve written some articles recently on ways to market aircraft and charters successfully in 2023. And we thank everyone for their responses and feedback. All greatly appreciated. But how to identify your perfect aircraft sale or charter customer is just as important.

When following a cost effective marketing plan and using the right tools, you’re off to a good start. But knowing your target customer can come down to a couple of basic factors.

When selling an aircraft or charter some basic questions to answer:

  • Are your customers in a specific geographic area or coming from everywhere ?
  • What is your customer’s primary intended use for the aircraft or charter ?
  • What is your customer’s emotional and/or rational for buying or chartering ?
  • How much do you know about your customer’s business or other interests ?

Aircraft and charters can be seen as a luxury. Determining what that means or doesn’t mean to your customer can be a factor in understanding them and closing the transaction.

Another important piece of information that will help you determine future marketing strategy is: Why did the customer choose you ?

Charters and aircraft sales can be competitive based on price alone. So what made you stand out ? We talked about the importance of being visible in previous articles. But once the customer is in the door it important to learn as much as you can about them. That knowledge may be the template to your next customer.

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How To Identify Your Perfect Aircraft Sale Or Charter Customer