Aviation Marketing Experts Blue Island Digital Share Success Story

Aviation Marketing Experts Blue Island Digital Share Success Story

In the world of Light Sport Aircraft there is a new leader emerging. Super Petrel has been selling amazing aircraft for over 20 years. YouTube is full of pilots raving about the aircraft. But for the most part they were only selling about 6 aircraft a year. That all changed in 2019. Aviation marketing experts Blue Island Digital share success story.

Super Petrel hired Blue Island Digital to take over their marketing. First came the monthly strategy sessions, then a new compelling website, then new advanced SEO techniques, new proprietary digital technology and targeted videos.

Within 2 years the company went from selling 6 aircraft a year to about 3 a week. In fact, in November 2022 they actually sold 10 in 2 weeks with the introduction of their new XP series. This was all made possible by strategic marketing.

An important part of any company’s image and brand is to tell their story, especially in the aviation industry. Next, make it easy for people to understand the service or aircraft. And finally, make it fun and something you must have or want to do. But most importantly, Blue Island can differentiate you from your competition.

Even with all of that, people must be able to find you. We all have heard about SEO and Google searches but there is so much more. At Blue Island Digital we use new technology that many people have never seen before. Check out some samples.

Regardless if you are manufacturing, selling, distributing, chartering or even maintaining aircraft, we can help !

Our clients include Super Petrel, Scoda Aeronautica, Husky, AirCam, Penn Yan Aero, Instajet Charters, JaxJets Charters, just to name a few.

If you want to learn more about how we can help and maybe become our next success story then send us an email at hello@BlueIslandDigital.com.

Aviation Marketing Experts Blue Island Digital Share Success Story