Super Petrel XP Excitement Getting Noticed

Super Petrel XP Excitement Getting Noticed

If you are following any of the media buzz in the aviation industry, you can’t help but see the Super Petrel XP excitement getting noticed. There are over 400 of them flying but the new XP model has really caught the eye of a lot of folks as the first two production aircraft have arrived in the U.S.

See recent videos from the AOPA (link to video) and another from Sun N Fun (link to video).

If you are unfamiliar with this aircraft, is a LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) but is also a seaplane. However, it does not have pontoons. And it can take off from water or land.

The other fascinating part is the look. It’s a biplane. This gives plenty of stability and removes the need for flaps.

The new XP version has been in the works for over 7 years. The design, engineering and production of these aircraft is done by Scoda Aeronáutica in Brazil.

The aircraft is assembled in the U.S. by Super Petrel USA in Ormond Beach, Florida. Here is the link to a video from the Aircraft Guys with Roger Helton (President, Super Petrel USA), describing the differences between the original LS aircraft and the new XP model.

Perhaps one of the most significant features of this aircraft is that it is equipped with the 141 hp Rotax 915iS Turbo engine. So, the performance and speed are amazing.

If you watched the AOPA video above, you were onboard one of the new XP’s. It is clear to see how stable and just pure fun the aircraft is. In fact, just about any who has flown in one describes it the same way.

Another fun fact, two of the main Super Petrel USA team, featured in the videos, are former elite U.S. Navy FA-18 Hornet pilots, a Blue Angel and flight instructors. They both love the Super Petrel XP and are both owners of the aircraft.

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Super Petrel XP Excitement Getting Noticed