Planned Routes Are Key to Private Jets Making Profit

Planned Routes Are Key to Private Jets Making Profit

For anyone who owns an aircraft regardless of its charter, leased, fractional ownership or even if you’re in the management business, aircraft need regular maintenance. In the charter business, on demand can cause aircraft to run up a lot of hours in a short period of time. The last thing anyone wants to have happen is to have to take an aircraft out of service unexpectedly. This can cost you plenty of money and big losses if you charter. Planned routes are the key to private jets making profit.

Think in terms of a cargo operator or a commercial airline, they know ahead of time the flight schedule so maintenance can be planned. However, if you are a charter operator or even a broker who wants a certain aircraft, maintenance is generally not as predictable.

In a perfect world aircraft would fly the same route on certain days. There are customers who fly the same time of year to the same routes. Beyond that, there are customers who can be a little flexible with their dates, especially in advance.

Finding those customers is not as difficult as you think. One company who has figured out this business model is InstaJet Charters. Although operating as a broker, they have found, what we call, the secret sauce to getting these customers. And of course, a little help from us.

Imagine if you could plan flights, know when you could schedule maintenance and could avoid all the repositioning. If you’re interested, you can reach out to them directly at

Operating on a regular schedule also creates other potential opportunities, remember our article on dry leases. Multiple parties on a lease can allow the aircraft to operate under Part 91, so crazy cost savings there.

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Planned Routes Are Key to Private Jets Making Profit