Aircraft Needed for Elite South Florida Private Jet Clients

Aircraft Needed for Elite South Florida Private Jet Clients

While we are primarily in the aviation marketing services business, we do sometimes hear from people seeking other help. A company contacted us and caught our attention as they have a very unique business opportunity but are not seeking money. They are private jet charter jet brokers. The issue, aircraft needed for elite South Florida private jet clients.

They have a block of elite / exclusive clients that fly regionally on a regular basis. These clients want to deal directly with someone who owns the aircraft, not a broker. This is an exclusive arrangement with the clients involved with entertainment, so the long-standing relationship is already in place.

This may also require some leased aircraft, jet cards or fractional ownership. So, lots on the table here.

I think just about any charter company would like to have steady high playing clients that operate on a predetermined schedule. This makes it very commercially valuable with no customer acquisition cost and with almost no on-demand component. Not to mention potentially highly profitable.

As a favor since our newsletter reaches so many direct Part 135 operators, someone may be interested.

We seek nothing in return and are not being compensated in any way. Just connecting people who may be able to help each other.

If there is any interest email us at or contact the Aircraft Guys at

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Aircraft Needed for Elite South Florida Private Jet Clients