2023 Dos and Don’ts of Aviation Marketing

2023 Dos and Don’ts of Aviation Marketing

Everyone knows the importance of digital marketing. We all go to our phone to do just about everything. While its convenient and helpful, it can be annoying. Let’s talk about the 2023 dos and don’ts of aviation marketing.

First off, we’ve been doing aviation marketing for over 40 years. Back in the day it was mostly print then video came along. We’re pilots and aviation enthusiasts so not just marketing people. Remember, we’re the people who recently took an aircraft manufacturer from selling 6 planes a year to 3 a week in less than 2 years.

Recently the NBAA came out with a Member Marketing Services program. Here they partnered with a B2B marketing agency. Oddly, the company they partnered with works with associations as their area of expertise not the aviation industry.

As a guide to members, they suggested a number of marketing methods. On the top of the list, they included the following:

  • Site Retargeting
  • Persona Targeting
  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Sector Targeting

These are highly invasive methods that many people find this type of advertising annoying. Here, the marketer includes a pixel within their webpage which sets a cookie in the visitor’s browser. The Utilize this cookie data to serve ads again based on the topic.

We’ve all seen it. You visit a food site and now all you see is food ads. Not to mention people must be given the option to not have the cookies placed so you may never even be able to get the potential customer to see your ad.

And you guessed it. Because they are ads you have pay for them. Many smaller companies cannot afford this type of advertising which can be thousands of dollars per month, or even week, depending on frequency.

And do they work ? How many do you click on or do you just try to get rid of them.

The most surprising part is the method that has the highest percentage rate of success was not even listed.  And that is organic SEO. Basically, unpaid Google searches.

In most advertising you are suggesting an ad to a person who may or may not be interested. But Google searches are unique in that the person is actually seeking your product or service. Here it becomes a race to who is on top of the search and number of times they appear.

People know what Google Ads are as the word Ad appears next to the name.

The organic search results which appear below ads win hands down for success.

“According to recent research, organic search results have a significantly higher click-through-rate (CTR) than paid search results. In fact, the average CTR for the first and second organic results on Google are 28.5% and 15.7% respectively. The average CTR for (PPC) paid searches, sits at around 2%” (Source: Quantum Research Study 2022)

At Aviation Marketing Experts – Blue Island Digital. Our team includes former Google systems engineering staff that have actually written search algorithms. We know how to get you to the top of searches period ! And we know the latest advanced techniques. See examples.

For as little as $599 a month, no commitments, we’ll get you started. No thousands of dollars in paid advertising. Contact Us to learn more or send us an email at hello@blueislanddigital.com

Ask yourself, do you want to pay for advertising that costs thousands and only works 2% of the time or about 30% of the time for free ?

2023 Dos and Don’ts of Aviation Marketing