Part 3 Experts Share Tips On Selling More Aircraft Or Charters

Part 3 Experts Share Tips On Selling More Aircraft Or Charters

Our recent series on how to sell more aircraft and charters continues to get quite a response. Reach out to us anytime at We definitely enjoy hearing from everyone. We’ll be glad to give you some free tips. So, here is part 3 experts share tips on selling more aircraft or charters.

Having been in the aviation marketing business for over 40 years, we’re learned a few tricks along the way. But most importantly, we’re learned what works and what doesn’t work.

When writing these articles and tips we are coming from a unique perspective. We have not only been an award-winning aviation marketing company for over 40 years. But we are also pilots and aviation enthusiasts. We work with some of the largest corporations in the world including major studios. (See Our Corporate Website) Our video work has won over 150 awards.

What worked in the beginning when we started is still a key component of success. And that is video. The easiest and most effective way to tell your story is through video. We are continually surprised at the lack of video being used by many aircraft sales organizations and charter operators.

In our recent experience with Super Petrel taking them from selling 6 aircraft a year to 3 a week, video played a key part. Here a mix of corporate, pilot experience and testimonials was an important part of the marketing strategy.

Another key part of selling aircraft or charters is the additional services that are provided.

When selling a used aircraft your experience at appraising, service after the sale and knowledge of the brand will go a long way. Just like in the auto industry, service after the sale can be a very lucrative business as it’s an ongoing revenue stream. Remember, the more turnkey you appear, the increased comfortable level the customer will feel.

Likewise with a charter, your safety record, pilot experience and knowledge of the routes will be a factor. Here simple is better. The easier you make the process, the more likely the customer will book with you and be a repeat customer.

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Part 3 Experts Share Tips On Selling More Aircraft Or Charters