Experts Share How To Sell More Aircraft Or Charters

Experts Share How To Sell More Aircraft Or Charters

Having been in the aviation marketing business for over 40 years, we’re learned a few tricks along the way. But most importantly, we’re learned what works and what doesn’t work. As marketing experts share how to sell more aircraft or charters.

What worked in the beginning when we started is still a key component of success. And that is video. The easiest and most effective way to tell your story is through video.

In our recent experience with Super Petrel taking them from selling 6 aircraft a year to 3 a week, video played a key part. Here a mix of corporate, pilot experience and testimonials was important.

When selling an aircraft to a pilot the most compelling video you can produce is multi camera during a flight. Having the pilot on VOX real time headset audio makes it a gamechanger. This is a great method where it a pilot enthusiast sale. Customers buy based on the shared experience of someone they can relate to.

When you are selling an aircraft that will have passengers then the amenities and comfort of the aircraft is key. Once again, in flight video should be included. Oddly most companies don’t market this way. They show these actor families or business people on an aircraft that is not in flight.

Any private jet salesperson or broker will tell you, selling the wife and family is critical to closing the sale.

Now more than ever there are many new first time buyers in the market today. Since a family can be a buyer, showing the kids that the takeoffs and landings are smooth can go a long way. Today many aircraft will be used for both business and pleasure. So, knowing the potential buyer is critical.

Buyers generally fall into 3 groups or a combination of these:

  • Pilot
  • Business Person
  • Family

We are experts on strategy, building compelling websites and getting people to find you. But once the find you the message you send through video will help close the sale. Our video production group has over 150 film and video awards.

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Experts Share How To Sell More Aircraft Or Charters