Quick Aviation Marketing Tip Using A Blog

Quick Aviation Marketing Tip Using A Blog

Regardless if you’re selling aircraft, providing charters, running a flight school or in the services business, marketing is an important part. What many people don’t know is the power of blogs, commonly called Content Marketing. Blog posts are also one of the most effective ways to get your website ranking better on Google. Here’s a quick aviation marketing tip using a blog.

First off, we’ve been doing aviation marketing for over 40 years. Back in the day it was mostly print then video came along. We’re pilots and aviation enthusiasts so not just marketing people. Remember, we’re the people who recently took an aircraft manufacturer, Super Petrel, from selling 6 planes a year to 3 a week in less than 2 years. (See the story).

When writing a blog post for your website, try using a topic that emphasizes a service you want to promote. As an example, if it’s a charter mention charter in the title of your blog post.

When writing a blog post that Google will likely rank well, follow a couple of basic rules:

  • Keep the blog post titles to less than 6 words
  • Repeat the title of the blog post at least twice with the content of the blog
  • Use words that help promote you such as “award winning” “best in your city”. Etc.
  • Keep your content between 300 to 600 words.
  • Try to write at least 2 blog posts a month, but a least a minimum of 1 a month.

You’ll usually see the post appear on a Google search within about 5 days.

If you want help in having it appear faster or be emphasized by Google we can help with that. See examples of ways Google can emphasize your blog post for free.

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And remember, the organic search results which appear below ads win hands down for number of people clicking on them.

At Aviation Marketing Experts – Blue Island Digital. Our team includes former Google systems engineering staff that have actually written search algorithms. We know how to get you to the top of searches period ! And we know the latest advanced techniques.

Quick Aviation Marketing Tip Using A Blog