Private Jet Charter Companies Are Not Getting It

Private Jet Charter Companies Are Not Getting It

There is an old saying, if you repeat the same behavior don’t expect a different result. Just do a simple Google search and see why private jet charter companies are not getting it.

We all know Google is great for getting new business. Different than other forms of advertising, the Google audience is actually looking for your service.

While we have talked about it before, and all SEO experts will agree, Google paid Ad Words have a very low click through rate (about 2-3%). Despite that fact, just do any private jet charter related search, and you will usually see up to 4 different companies with Sponsored ads. There would be more but even Google has some shame and is not that greedy.

The second strategy that we see deployed by private jet charter companies is to just use lots and lots of webpages. It seems almost every big jet charter company has a webpage dedicated to almost any fight route.

Because every one of these companies is using the same strategy, they are becoming a blur to anyone who is searching.

And now some news. We recently had the privilege to work with a couple of jet charter companies, InstaJet Charters and Corporate Aviation. We’ll, it’s going great. In fact, both companies have expanded to multiple cities in just the past 60 days.

Like we have been saying, this is what we do. After 40+ years in this business, we’ve learned a few tricks not to mention the latest technology. And yes, without using paid advertising.

Here is another phrase that it seems jet charter companies have forgotten or maybe never learned, “customer acquisition cost”. How much does it cost you to get that new client initially.

If you’re looking to genuinely grow your business, and better yet bring down the cost of getting a new client, then we should talk.

Oh, and one more thing, do some videos. People are tired of the old stock photos. Remember the aircraft manufacturer we took from 6 aircraft a year to 3 a week in sales. And yes, everyone knows most of you are brokers so how about actually explaining to a prospective client what makes you different.

Now that you’re done reading this, it’s a great time to reach out to us. Why wait, it’s only clients you may be losing to a competitor by waiting. Send us an email at and we’ll set up a call.

Private Jet Charter Companies Are Not Getting It