Part 2 Experts Share Tips On Selling More Aircraft Or Charters

Part 2 Experts Share Tips On Selling More Aircraft Or Charters

Our recent newsletter on sharing how to sell more aircraft and charters got quite a response. We definitely enjoy hearing from everyone. So, here is part 2 experts share tips on selling more aircraft or charters.

When writing these articles and tips we are coming from a very unique perspective. We have not only been an award winning aviation marketing company for over 40 years. But we are also pilots and aviation enthusiasts. We work with some of the largest corporations in the world including major studios. (See Our Corporate Website) Our video work has won over 150 awards.

In our last article on the topic, we talked about the different people who need to be sold. This related more to people who would be first time aircraft buyers, which are at an all time high.

The reasons for this include, people have found traveling private in a group is not as expense as they had realized. Even the cost difference is justified considering the nightmare commercial travel has become. And if you include empty leg charters, that is a another cost savings.

Likewise people are realizing that fractional ownership is not as out of reach as they once thought. Especially if they travel regularly.

In this article we will focus on the selling of aircraft and why a customer will chose you over a competitor.

A buyer who has done their research and know their aircraft will be looking for 2 key things in a used aircraft.

  • Price of the aircraft
  • A trusted aircraft acquisition expert

While there are many things that come into play including, maintenance / service records, why is the aircraft for sale, how was it stored, etc. I cannot emphasis enough how important your ability to convey trust is critical. Telling that story effectively through your website and video is how you will get that customer in the door. This is what we do very well and that is why some of the world’s largest corporations have put their trust in us for decades.

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Part 2 Experts Share Tips On Selling More Aircraft Or Charters