Empty Leg Flight Listing Competition Heats Up

Empty Leg Flight Listing Competition Heats Up

Our recent article on empty leg consolidation brought quite a response from our newsletter. Not only did we see the highest open rate in over a year, but some readers viewed the story as many as 20 times. We did not plan on a follow up story so soon but after the response, it seems timely. It does appear that the empty leg flight listing competition heats up.

In the article we focused on one company, JetASAP, and their empty leg listings. To our surprise within 90 minutes of the newsletter email release, our staff received an email from their CEO, Lisa Kiefer Sayer. She thanked us for the great article and sent a few clarification points.

This prompted our staff to do a little more research and today we are going to focus on empty leg flight listings of the FlyEasy Software by Tuvoli.

What we found immediately was the nice map display of the empty leg flights on the FlyEasy platform. Additionally, when we searched for specific flights like OPF to TEB (as popular as it gets) we not only got exact flights by nearby ones. The same search on JetASAP netted no results. Clearly the ease of use and display of close proximity available flights, make this a no brainer for ease of use for FlyEasy.

FlyEasy Empty Leg Map

FlyEasy Empty Leg Flight Map

Additionally, there are other companies out there, like InstaJet Charters, who are using AI and work on a referral model for empty legs. It would seem that some of these companies might want to work together to gain market dominance.

Once this is all perfected it will be a great service for customers who want to enjoy the fun of private jet charters at a lower price.

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Empty Leg Flight Listing Competition Heats Up