2024 Empty Leg Flights Consolidation

2024 Empty Leg Flights Consolidation

For aircraft charter companies the sale of empty leg flights can be a way to earn additional revenue or just a waste of time. Posting and maintaining the available flights on a company’s website is a job in itself. And the reality is how many people are actually looking for those limited flights. But for 2024 empty leg flights consolidation is starting to take shape.

What would make the sale of empty legs much easier is if there was a service similar to Avinode, except that shows empty leg flights.

And everyone knows that with all the variations in on demand charter prices, the empty legs are a bargain.

One such service has emerged, it is called JetASAP. Its primary business is selling a subscription that allows customers to purchase flights directly from carriers. That doesn’t seem all that novel as any customer can book with a direct carrier without paying for a subscription. Additionally, there is no commission charged by carriers. It is like advertising, its just sold to brokers wholesale. The end price remains the same.

What we found unique is that the company has a list of affiliate direct operator partners that list their empty leg flights. This is one of the few sources of a consolidated list out there today. The only drawback is none of the major direct carriers are part of this group or list their flights.

To find out more we reached out to our friends at the Aircraft Guys. These bloggers travel around meeting people in the aviation industry, including private jet charter direct operators. What we found out from the boots on the ground is larger carriers sell their own empty legs direct. They also told us that some of the listings out there are out of date. But the biggest limitation was on short notice flights, empty legs were usually not posted.

Short notice empty leg flights for many customers are very attractive, especially business travelers. This appears to be the biggest void.

While this is progress, there is still a long way to go to make access to all empty legs an easy process.

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2024 Empty Leg Flights Consolidation