2024 Successful Private Jet Charter Rental Business Model

2024 Successful Private Jet Charter Rental Business Model

As a company who has been serving the aviation industry for over 40 years, we have plenty of experience. Having helped many companies become successful, we know this business. But most importantly, we know what works and what doesn’t work from both a marketing perspective and an operational one. Here’s our proven formula on how to create the 2024 successful private jet charter rental business model.

Before we get into how a private jet charter rental business should look, let’s look at two sides. There is an interesting set of videos on YouTube from a Gulfstream jet pilot who became a private jet charter broker. Within a year he went in and out of the business. In one video he promotes the new venture and in another he tells people to never go into this business.

One might think is he doing this to spur competition or didn’t know what he was doing or has more fun making YouTube videos.

Now back to business. First off, there would not be as many private jet charter brokers out there for years if it wasn’t a good business.

The business is basically broken into 2 groups. The aircraft operators and the brokers. Some do a little of both.

Most brokers rely on available aircraft inventory platforms like Avinode, so in that regard people are selling the same product. But the key to the business is knowing where the aircraft are that are not on these flight search platforms.

A recent article from the Aircraft Guys blog talks about the secret sauce. These relationships will clearly separate one private jet charter company from another. Additionally, having access to these aircraft will allow more flexibility in price and allow more consistent, reliable service.

The other area, which is easy to see, is know your routes and aircraft. A recent article from InstaJet Charters discussed how to get larger class aircraft for less. Knowing where there is excess capacity for certain aircraft classes can save clients money and get them larger aircraft for less. This goes back to the basics of research and customer service.

Finally, and perhaps most critical, knowledgeable personnel. What we have heard more than anything from people who use private jets on a regular basis is they want to talk to one person who can handle everything. And a person who is not only an expert but knows the process inside and out from start to finish. People don’t want to talk to a scripted customer service representative in a call center.

The fastest way to lose a client is to have them know more than the person who is trying to arrange the charter. This is now the competitive edge smaller boutique private jet charter companies are getting over the older, larger brokers.

Oh, and one more thing, marketing. Everyone is doing it the same way. Check out our article on repeating the same mistake. By the way, that has landed us several new clients, who are all doing great. What they all say is, we are glad we found you and thank you.

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2024 Successful Private Jet Charter Rental Business Model