Used Aircraft Helping Boys Find Mentors

Used Aircraft Helping Boys Find Mentors

Dads for Boys is a charity that is very unique. Their mission is a wonderful one, hosting fun events and helping kids. But now what’s unique, donations of used aircraft helping boys find mentors.

Based in Eustis, Lake County Florida, they started way back in 1989. The original founder, John Pyle, is still at it today. Here is a link to a recent interview video posted by the Aircraft Guys blog.

Over the years they established international chapters in Venezuela and Puerto Rico.

Currently they still sponsor campfire events, water activities including boating and fishing tournaments. Located on beautiful Lake Eustis near Mount Dora, it is quite the place.

In addition to aircraft, they also accept donations of boats, motorhomes and even cars. Tax credits are based on either the selling price or appraisal.

And when we say used aircraft, we mean it. Doesn’t matter if it flies or not or what is. They have sold everything from single engines planes all the way up to private jets. In fact, they recently sold a helicopter.

And it doesn’t matter where the aircraft is, they’ll come to you. It is surprising how many aircraft we see in hangars, at FBOs or just parked in fields. Here is a great way to turn that into some money for a great cause.

And if you know someone who has an aircraft they might want to part with. Dads for Boys will pay you a referral fee of 10% of the selling price. Contact us at for more info.

Used Aircraft Helping Boys Find Mentors

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