Secret To Being A Successful Air Charter Broker

Secret To Being A Successful Air Charter Broker

As we all know the air charter business is very competitive. Same aircraft, same routes and generally the same rates. Brokers use platforms like Avinode to search for available flights. Here again, many people see the same information. But there is a secret to being a successful air charter broker that will give you an edge over the competition.

We learned some insight from our friends over at the Aircraft Guys. They recently did a story about a trip they took to Las Vegas where they met a private jet direct carrier. They called it the secret sauce for being a private jet charter broker.

Since many of the brokers rely on the same direct carriers that sell wholesale, there is no way to be unique. But there is a secret. Many people don’t realize that there are direct carriers who do not publish their flight availability.

The reasons vary but here are a few:

  • Do not operate aircraft on a predetermined schedule but based on upon a specific request.
  • The aircraft, although Part 135, operates as like a Part 91 a fair amount of the time.
  • An owner of an aircraft or two who does limited charters just for the purpose of offsetting the cost of the aircraft.

Obviously finding these aircraft can be a bit of a challenge. However there actually is a way to find them though public information. All FAA Part 135 aircraft are published. Here, you want to be sure it is an actual Part 135 not a 134-1/2.

We know that InstaJet Charters is one company who has relationships with a number of these direct carriers. The other great part is many times these flights are below market.

So, the takeaway here is if you deal with a company who has access to these unlisted flights, you’re going to be more competitive, offer customers a unique flight which will have them booking more flights with you.

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Secret To Being A Successful Air Charter Broker