Private Jet Partial Refurbs Are The Best Value

Private Jet Partial Refurbs Are The Best Value

With the long lead times to get new aircraft, buying used becomes the only choice. But many of these jets can be in rough shape, especially the interiors. There is a solution, private jet partial refurbs are the best value.

Many times, owners or charter operators think they must do a full interior replacement or full paint job. That is not the case, and you can save plenty of money.

In fact, a company, East Coast Aircraft, has been doing these types of jobs for over 15 years. And they are known for their very fast turnaround.

Simple interior changes like a partial carpet replacement, seat covers or accent pieces to cabinetry are inexpensive and will give a fresh new look.

If you think about it, passengers spend more time in the aircraft than outside. A clean and nicely accented interior design will leave a lasting impression.

Additionally, using a lighter neutral color in the interior will make the cabin appear larger. Like selling a house, neutral colors are best.

Today the most popular light jets flying are either the Phenom or Citation. The folks at East Coast are pretty much the experts in these.

We have been doing this for over 40 years. When we can pass along ways for you to get new business and improve customer satisfaction, we enjoy doing it. While marketing is important, once you get the customer, a good experience is paramount.

If you are looking for new, innovative ways to market and grow, contact us at or call us at 407-495-1275. We’re not into high pressure sales. In fact, we don’t require any contracts or commitments.

And remember, we work with some of the largest corporations in the world. We have worked with many of them for decades not years. Check out some of our clients.

Private Jet Partial Refurbs Are The Best Value