Part 135 Operator vs Private Jet Charter Broker Surprise

Part 135 Operator vs Private Jet Charter Broker Surprise

There is always lots of discussion of what is the better business model, aircraft owner operator or broker. Part 135 aircraft owner operators can have a heavy reliance on broker sales or can try to market direct. A broker can only be a referrer of business. But there is a Part 135 operator vs private jet charter broker surprise.

What we have heard more than anything over the past year or so is charter companies spending lots on Google Ad Words without a great result. It doesn’t matter if they are brokers or direct operators.

We have seen this firsthand with companies spending $100k – $200k per month without a good ROI. The reason is simple, too many people buy way too much paid advertising. It’s a blur to any new customer entering the market.

The sugar high of crazy demand, when commercial airlines were grounded, that everyone had during the pandemic is over.

The main deterrent to being a Part 135 operator is the huge cost of operating an aircraft, especially an older fleet.

As we mentioned in a previous article, there is a secret sauce. Actually, several ways to dramatically reduce your marketing costs that converts a much higher percentage of customers.

We recently helped two companies, InstaJet Charters and Corporate Aviation. Both have experienced increased sales and profitability with reduced marketing costs. Both utilize several of our successful strategies. These work really well for any regional charter. And you can charge more, not less for charters.

The biggest gains are for the direct carriers by not relying so much on wholesale and switching to a niche. We can teach you several niche marketing strategies that are new and innovative. Don’t get us wrong, brokers are great and can be a good source of steady business but if you want higher profits, you need to mix it up a little.

Regardless of whether you are a broker or a direct carrier, we can show you step by step how to get more customers for less and increase profits. Yes, even brokers.

We recently helped a broker client increase their bottom line on fees to 14.9% not the typical 10% or less. This was an increase in revenue not cost cutting.

In fact, InstaJet Charters has told us they may move from broker to a Part 135 operator due to how great the numbers look based on our strategy.

Remember, we have been providing marketing services to the aviation industry for over 40 years. We work with some of the largest corporations in the world. See for yourself.

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Part 135 Operator vs Private Jet Charter Broker Surprise