For Private Jet Charters Video Is The Gamechanger

For Private Jet Charters Video Is The Gamechanger

We all know the power of video on platforms like YouTube, Facebook and now even TikTok. That’s all cool but there is something more fundamental, a basic documentary. For private jet charters video is the gamechanger that will get you more business, period !

We have previously talked about the Super Petrel story. This light sport aircraft manufacturing company did a mix of advanced SEO and video, both provided by us. They were selling about 6 aircraft a year. Within 2 years that number went to as much as 3 aircraft a week. Yes, you read that right from 6 a year to 3 a week. Read the story.

Our friends at the Aircraft Guys recently introduced us to Northern Jet in Orlando. We spent a day there recently and shot a video. It’s on YouTube.  We can do a video just like this for you. I can’t wait to see tell you how much buzz this video has created for these folks.

We can’t emphasize enough the power of this. People relate to people who make the story personal. It can be your CEO or just a sales manager, as in this video. The more personal the story the more people will build trust in you.

In the world of private jet charters, it is very competitive. Everyone sells the same basic services, same aircraft and for around the same prices. You need an edge to stand apart and video will do that for you. Check out some sample videos.

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For Private Jet Charters Video Is A Gamechanger