Do Private Jet Charter Companies Push Safety Too Much ?

Do Private Jet Charter Companies Push Safety Too Much

We all know safety is important when it comes to flying. And, yes, private jets statistically are overall not as safe as flying commercially. However, these are misleading statistics. So, along that same line do private jet charter companies push safety too much ?

Private flyers sometimes travel to less popular exotic destinations. These require flying on unique and sometimes unfamiliar flight paths. Unlike commercial airliners who stick to the most used and common routes in the sky. Bad weather and unfamiliar territory make aircraft incidents more probable and can expose deficiencies in training or skill of a pilot.

If a pilot flies the same aircraft on the same routes, day after day, obviously there is a very low chance of issues. That is sometimes not the case with private jet flights.

A recent article by InstaJet Charters about private jet safety gave great insight into this along with explaining what to look for in simple terms. The single most important thing to do when chartering a private jet is to hire a broker. Certified brokers, like InstaJet Charters, know how to verify that the pilot is properly trained, and the aircraft is safe.

Additionally, smaller boutique private jet charter companies will provide personal service. This will ensure that everything is done correctly. Lately larger private jet charter companies have become more like commercial airlines. People who spend $20,000+ for a flight want personal service.

However, having said all this, private jet charter companies should not use scary tactics or overstate reality when it comes to safety. Private jets are safe and fun !

And remember, sometimes it’s not just price. A recent article by Corporate Aviation explained this well. Like anything else in life, you get what you pay for.

Bottom line, be an educated consumer or just use a boutique certified broker and you’ll have a stress free experience.

Do Private Jet Charter Companies Push Safety Too Much ?

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