Southeast Regional Jet Charter Companies Collaborate

Southeast Regional Jet Charter Companies Collaborate

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: One of the challenges facing executives, or for that matter anyone, seeking a jet charter, is who to choose. Aircraft, availability, price and experience are all factors. Now southeast regional jet charter companies collaborate on one platform.

InstaJet Charters, who had specialized in providing shared empty leg flights, is now changing the game again.

InstaJet Charters now tracks where flights, including empty leg routes, are traveling. In the past it was simply a point A to point B flight. Now, new technology allows tracking of logical flight paths so there can be multiple depart and arrival points for almost any flight.

InstaJet Charters is now beta testing this new system and for any charter companies who join, the service is free. If a request for a quote turns into a customer, then the charter company pays a referral fee. It’s that simple.

Company representatives recently visited several executive airports in Florida. The response was overwhelming. One jet charter company CEO at Opa-Locka Miami said, “we want in !”.

Smaller charter operators immediately realized this will level the playing field with the larger national operators. Now everyone can get a chance at the same customers with no upfront marketing costs.

For both customer and charter operators it’s a win win.

Benefits For Customers:

  • Experienced Operator
  • Best Price
  • Multiple Choices without all the shopping around

Benefits For Charter Operator:

  • No Marketing Costs
  • Steady Stream Of Leads
  • Ability To Create Repeat Customers
  • Sell Routes Not Advertised
  • Reduce Round Trip Costs For Preferred Customers
  • Increase Revenue On A Single Trip

If you are a jet charter operator looking to increase sales and leads, contact InstaJet at for more information.

For information of marketing services contact us.

For customers get a quote.

Southeast Regional Jet Charter Companies Collaborate